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Honeywell International and its subsidiary brands are top-sellers at TCI Supply, and there is little wonder why.  Offering the full line of residential, commercial, and industrial applications have made them the most trusted name in the field.  Out of all the brands and series offered under this umbrella, we stock the TradeLine catalog, their industrial division, as well as Honeywell Process and Microswitch.  The TradeLine catalog includes valves, actuators, modutrol motors, thermostats, flame relays, and the RM7800 relay modules.  The Industrial division includes the UDC digital controllers, the HercuLine industrial actuators, and the DR4500 chart recorders.  Honeywell products are mostly manufactured in Mexico and come with a 1 year warranty.  We do in-house repairs for the flame safety and actuator series.

Currently for most of 2019 Honeywell has been experiencing a major manufacturing delay.  This has caused non-stock items to go from 2-3 week lead times, all the way to 12 week lead times.  If you require a part from stock, please check with us before ordering.

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16 MayHoneywell RM7800M1003 Burner Control – Great Price

Honeywell RM7800M1003 Burner Control Relay Module TCI Supply is a master distributor for Honeywell Flame Safety Controls including product, flame amplifiers,…

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16 MayHoneywell M9185D1004 Modutrol Motor – Great Price

Honeywell M9185D-1004 Mod Motor Proportioning Valve/Damper Motor – Slideware Control Input, 24 VAC Power. The Series 90 Modutrol IV. Motors are…

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16 MayHoneywell Modutrol Motor Repair – Great Price

Honeywell Modutrol Motor Repair At TCI Supply, we offer a 1 year warranty on Honeywell mod motor repairs.  Send us your…

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16 MayHoneywell DC2500 Digital Temperature Control – Great Prices

Honeywell DC2500 Digital Temperature Controls are our expertise. We can offer you great pricing and terrific customer support on all Honeywell DC2500…

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16 MayJohnson Controls T22CBC-1C Heating Thermostat – New in Stock

Johnson Controls T22CBC-1C Heating Thermostat Qty 1 in stock – $180 each NEW We ship this product worldwide! Delivery is normally…

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15 MayHoneywell RP670B 1009 1 Pneumatic Relay – Great Price

Honeywell  RP670B 1009 1 Pneumatic Switching Relay (PSI switch) • Available with either single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) or doublepole, double-throw (DPDT) switching…

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15 MayHoneywell Modutrol IV Motor M6184D1068 – Great Price

Honeywell Modutrol IV Motor M6184D1068 Modutrol IV SPDT or Floating Actuator, Three-Wire, Low Voltage, SPDT Input Signal Power Supply: 24 Volts…

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15 MayHoneywell M940B1058 Actionator Motor – Great Price

Honeywell M940B1058 Actionator Motor 120v 15 sec w/ 1000 ohm retrans & 135 ohm balance pot At TCI Supply we give you…

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14 MayHoneywell V5055E1005 Valve – Great Price

Honeywell V5055E1005 Valve 2 in. NPT High Pressure Industrial Gas Valve with On-off safety shut-off with double seal Safety shutoff valves…

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14 MayHoneywell MS4105A1030 Actuator – Great Price

Honeywell MS4105A1030 Actuator We ship this product worldwide! Delivery is normally stock. Request a Quote now or call us at 1-800-755-2883…

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