Honeywell M640A1196 Actionator crosses to 2000-100-150-246-000-00-000000-0-0-00 HercuLine MotorHoneywell M640A1196 Actionator crosses to  2000-100-150-246-000-00-000000-0-0-00 HercuLine Motor

240v 15 sec w/ wiring for field added aux function

At TCI Supply we give you options in replacing your Honeywell Actionators.

-REBUILD your actuators with a 1-year warranty.  These come with the Titanic guarantee and come back to you looking great, factory reconditioned

CROSS your item to its HercuLine replacement.  We can help with the re-wiring process and save you a headache.


We ship this product worldwide! Delivery is normally stock.

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