Trane WIR4333 WIRING

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The Trane Company, a division of Ingersoll-Rand, offers a wide range of parts for the HVAC market for over a century.  Their name is synonymous with energy services, parts support and advanced controls for homes and commercial buildings.  Here at TCI Supply, we have thousands of Trane parts in stock, ready to ship our of our facilities.    This manufacturer navigates through the energy management process and partners to achieve even the most ambitious energy efficiency goals for their buildings, at minimal operating costs.  The systems and services have a reputation for reliability, high quality and advanced innovation; and are available through a powerful distribution network.  They apply a  “whole building, whole life-cycle approach,” and it shows with their extended warranties, better efficiency and cost.

Recent sub-brands include Sintesis eXcellent, Flex Series chillers, XStream chilers, Conquest heat pumps, Airfinity Rooftops and UniTrane terminals.

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